Why Is It Important to Aerate Your Lawn?

Why Is It Important to Aerate Your Lawn?

Schedule lawn aeration services in Mt. Airy, Frederick, and surrounding area towns

Aerating your lawn can promote healthy grass growth. Over time, soil can become compacted – especially if it hasn’t been watered. Aeration is the process of perforating the soil to allow water and oxygen to reach grass roots. If you’d like to start growing a stronger, healthier lawn, call A Clean Creation today for lawn aeration in Mt. Airy, Frederick, or other nearby Maryland towns.

You’ll see results

Our specialists can aerate your lawn effectively to allow water, oxygen and nutrients to enter the soil and reach grass roots. Call our team, and we will:

  • Evaluate the current condition of your lawn
  • Use a hydraulic core aerator for optimal results
  • Suggest routine aeration for the fall/spring
  • Offer options for routine lawn care

A Clean Creation has been the go-to lawn care company in Mt. Airy for over 20 years. Your lawn should be able to breathe – it is alive after all! Contact A Clean Creation right now to discuss your fall or spring lawn aeration service in Mt. Airy, Frederick, or other area Maryland town.